According to the EJF Statutes, the Federation is non-lucrative. The financial support comes from three different sources:
  1. The sale of licenses (CHF 40.- per new license)
  2. The sale of the annual stamp (CHF 20.- per year)
  3. The eventual profits from seminars that are given back to the EJF Treasurer

The financial policy of the EJF is as follows: training in Jôdô should never be slowed down by financial considerations. In the case where someone finds it difficult to pay his/her dues (comparatively quite modest) arrangements are always possible. As far as the teaching staff is concerned, the EJF has a quite clear policy: an EJF teacher has to train regularly and participate in the majority of the European and international seminars. Because of his heavy investment in time and energy, the qualified EJF teacher is entitled to the following:

1. For any seminar given over a week end, the teacher in charge is entitled to lodging and food, as well as his travel expenses. Moreover, an indemnity will be paid to him directly: CHF 300.- for a Kuden, CHF 200.- for a Chuden, CHF 150.- for a Shoden. This indemnity is still modest and does not include any financial attraction. It makes sure, however, that the teacher avoids any loss of personal money.

2. For the Kagamibiraki (2nd week end of January) the teacher, whatever his level, is entitled to free seminar, lodging and food, as well as the reimbursement of his travel expenses. No indemnity for this seminar.

3. For the Summer camp (6 days), the teacher, whatever his level, is entitled to a free seminar, lodging and food, and reimbursement of his travel expenses. Moreover, he will receive an indemnity identical to the one given over a week end or more if the number of participants is important. In case of a low participation rate, he will see no inconvenient to see this indemnity lowered or even suppressed.

4. As regards International Seminars the teachers who participate as students have to pay all their expenses themselves. However, the EJF may award a grant to those teachers who need a financial help, on condition, or not, of subsequent reimbursment.

5. Exceptions to the above can be accepted in case of a multidisciplinary seminar in which the other teachers are given a pre-arranged fee.

Paiement for the european jodo federation

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