Jodo Stage with Michel Ducret - Vienna, Austria

17th / 18th novembre 2007

For the second jodo-stage in 2007 the "VJK Ronin Wien" invited Michel Ducret. In the two days 17 participants where able to enjoy the trainings and Michel's explanations. We were happy to welcome guests from Italy, Germany, Czechia and Upper Austria.

The date was set quite late and therefore we were not able to find a hall for saturday morning. None-the-less, we had almost 10 hours of intensiv training.
After Kihon and Uchi-Komi saturday was dedicated to the first part of Kage. On sunday morning the advanced renshisei worked on kusarigama and the afternoon was spent with samidare and kenjutsu. People who had not yet progressed so far where able to work according to level and some saw a new kata.

Michel managed to be present to all groups and had lots of useful hints and explanations. We were enthusiastic about his work and the way he looked after the different groups. I'm sure it's not easy to switch from series to series and to always think of a good answer like he did.
He also took care to individually train with many of the participants and set aside parts of the lessons for exercise that could be done by the whole group together.

Sunday afternoon half an hour was set aside for two kyu-exams. Congratulations to Stephan (3) and Roland (1)!

We were sorry that Michel was only able to stay for one night but enjoyed the dinner and chat very much. Hopefully we can have him longer next time.
Again we would like to thank Michel for the many useful information and the intensive work and for his kindness and attention.
We are greatful for the good spirit of all renshisei and especially would want to thank the jodo-friends from abroad who took the time to join us and enhance our training-experience.
Finally, I want to thank all the people who helped with the organisation. I believe it went quite smoothly despite problems on the airport and at lunch.

HW for VJK Ronin

Vienna Paticipants The participants of sunday morning (not present: Patrik/CZ, Michael, Dan & Helga)