Jodo/Iaido Stage, Vienna

May, 24th and 25th 2014

Our spring stage with Michel Ducret Sensei was again a combined MSR Iaido / SMR Jodo seminar. This time we advertised outside of the FEJ and were happy to welcome a few Iaido practitioners. We try to find a schedule that makes it more interesting for people who do not practice SMR regularly and so we started with Iaido (Sat concentrating on Omori Ryu and Sun on Okuden), followed by a Kenjutsu lesson on Sat morning. This worked out fine. The Iaido-people stayed and were able to see a little of Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu.
After some common basic exercises, those practicing Jodo and therefore our Ken school regularly, worked on a few Kata chosen by the participants. (Sarin and Nito Ai).

After lunch break we started with Uchi Komi and then split into groups to work on selected Kata from the different series. Michel took care to be available to all groups. Mostly giving specific corrections according to our problems.
"Zanshin" had been chosen as the motto of the seminar. Michel introduced his understanding of the concept and we were able to put it into practice throughout.

Saturday afternoon ended with two successful examinations: Congratulations to Christian (Gokyu) and Patrik (Yonkyu). About 10 participants and friends joined for dinner in a traditional restaurant in the centre of Vienna.

Sunday morning started with Iaido, then Kihon and again Kata in groups up to Okuden - only interrupted by a short lunch break on the premise. The last part of the afternoon was dedicated to one-on-one training. Michel was able to spend about 10 minutes with each attendee while the advanced practitioners also made themselves available as Uchidachi.
The last person to train with Michel Sensei asked for a repetition of Kage, which lead our teacher to stop the class early and turn the practice into an Embu. He reminded us once more of the stage motto and proceeded with an impressive demonstration thereof.

We can count ourselves lucky to have such a fine role model as one of our regular teachers and we are looking forward to his visit next year.
We also want to thank everyone who attended. This time we counted 17 participants from Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We hope to see you again at our fall stage!

ヘルガ (for the VJK Ronin Wien)

Some participants had already left when we took the group picture.